Members of Staff

Mrs Joanna Fraser Headteacher (currently on maternity leave)
Mrs Evie Page Interim Headteacher (part-time)
Mrs Nicki Payne Co-Headteacher/Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator/Class Teacher (job share)
– YR Dolphins
Mr Richard Stanton Co-Headteacher/Class Teacher – Y2 Puffins
Mrs Elaine Phipps School Business Manager/Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Claire Siddell Class Teacher (job share) – YR Dolphins
Mrs Sarah Callaghan Class Teacher (job share) – Y1 Penguins
Mrs Sara Gray Class Teacher (job share) – Y1 Penguins
Miss Penny Mainwaring Class Teacher – Y1 Otters
Mrs Nanette Breslaw Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sharon Pirie Teaching Assistant – floating, all classes
Mrs Betina Cairns Teaching Assistant – YR Dolphins
Mrs Karen England Teaching Assistant – Y1 Penguins
Mrs Angela Barrows Teaching Assistant (job share) – Y1 Otters
Mrs Monique Nanson Teaching Assistant (job share) – Y1 Otters
Miss Hannah Vodden Teaching Assistant – Y2 Puffins
Mrs Shona Ferris Teaching Assistant – Intervention Groups
Mrs Sarah Dutton Home School Link Worker/DSL Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Susannah Fornasiero Administration Assistant
Mrs Tina Dicker Administration Assistant/Caretaker
Mrs Val Warren Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Lesley White Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr Steve Fulbrook Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr Robert Phipps ICT Technician
Mrs Sue Warren Catering Manager
Mrs Sandra Pugh Catering Assistant
Mrs Jo Bonner Catering Assistant


Witley is supported by a full and active Governing body who meet regularly throughout the academic year. Our Governors are representatives from our local community, parents and school staff. They bring a range of interests, knowledge and skills to the role, and all have the common desire to help the school and its childen succeed.

Our Governing body is made up of 13 governors, which include the headteacher, parent governors, staff governor, foundation governors and a local authority governor. Governors meet each term and more regularly in committees; we have 2 committees ‘Children and Learning’ and ‘Resources’. The parent governors are elected by parents, the staff governors are elected by the teachers and support staff, and the foundation governors are appointed by the Diocese.

The role of the Governing body is extremely important in ensuring school improvement and effectiveness. Governors help to provide the strategic direction of the school, working on the School Development Plan, ensuring accountability and effective use of budget. They play a vital role as a critical friend, supporting school leaders to ensure the best possible education for the children in our school.