Did you know about our Parents’ Library?

The books will be kept below the signing in book outside the office. You are welcome to pop in and borrow a book. Please sign it out, so we know where it is if another parent needs to borrow it. The Friends are really proud of their purchase of books and would like to encourage parents to borrow the books.

The books we have are:

  • The Redundancy Survival Guide
  • The Redundancy Handbook
  • Dealing with your Mortgage Shortfall
  • After someone dies resource pack
  • Bereaved by suicide
  • Supporting bereaved children
  • An inquest for Mr Rabbit x 2
  • First steps through Separation and Divorce
  • Putting Children First: A handbook for separated parents
  • Autism; A practical guide for parents
  • What Is it like to be me? Aspeger’s syndrome
  • Ten Things Every child with Autism wishes you knew
  • How to help your child with ADHD
  • Understanding ADHD, Autsism, Dyspraxia and Dyslexia
  • Help! My child has Dyslexia
  • Understand and support children with Dyspraxia