Parent information

We want to create a strong, productive partnership with parents and know that together we will strive to create the best educational opportunities for the children at Witley Infant School. We know it is extremely important to keep you fully informed about your children and our door is always open if you have concerns.

Volunteers and Parent helpers

We welcome members of the community and parents to help in our school. They often help with reading, cookery, gardening and group work. Please contact a member of staff if you would like to help. All volunteers and parents are required to have DBS clearance, which the school will organise for parent helpers.

Children’s safety

Child protection is at the core of all we do. We recruit our staff following safe recruiting procedures which check a candidate’s identity and qualifications. All staff, governors and volunteers, including parent helpers, are DBS checked before they can work or help in school. Our staff are trained in child protection and first aid procedures.

The governors regularly check the school site and procedures to ensure there is a very high standard of safety. Risk assessments are in place for generic activities and school visits. The school reviews its emergency plans, procedures and policies on a regularly basis, there are termly fire drills.

We have a very clear policy on positive behavior management and the children are involved each year in establishing the school rules and understanding what is safe and good behaviour. Across the curriculum there are many opportunities for the children to learn about safety e.g. road safety, fire safety and stranger danger.


We always endeavour to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect – this helps to ensure that a well-disciplined environment is maintained. However, if concerns are raised about the attitudes and behaviour of a child we will always consult with parents immediately. All staff follow the behaviour policy. Any case of bullying will be dealt with firmly and openly. We have a thorough and effective anti-bullying procedure fully implemented. A copy of the Behaviour and Bullying Policy is on the policies page.

All classes implement methods of keeping communication channels open. Circle time and social skills training, etc. are all means of ensuring that pupils have a ‘voice’ in school and feel safe to talk about any issues of concern to them.

What do I do if I have a concern/complaint?

If you have a concern about your child’s education, we welcome you to come and discuss it with us. Concerns should firstly be discussed with the class teacher, and if necessary the Headteacher. If this does not resolve the problem, the Chair of Governors may be contacted. It is also possible under Section 23 of the Education Reform Act, to make formal complaints to the Local Authority. Details for the complaints procedure are available from the school office.

FWS – Friends of Witley School

All parents become members of FWS when their child joins our school. Please click here for more information.