We are special

Children’s thoughts:

  1. I love my teacher. (Reuben)
  2. My TA helped me a lot with my writing. (Joshua)
  3. It’s a nice school. (Estelle)
  4. I love going to school. (Saskia)
  5. Teachers are always nice. (Leah)
  6. I like singing songs in the church. (Melody)
  7. We get a turn each day on the trimtrail, football and basketball in the playground.(Sophie)
  8. This school is small, so I get to know all the children. (Elliot)
  9. We do lots of fun things, like making houses for the Fire of London. (Anya)
  10. The teachers help us do more learning each day and sort out problems. (Euan)
  11. We do lots of fun things, like playing with toy food and puppets. (Jade)
  12. You can go to the friendship stop and someone wil come and play with you. (Anya)
  13. I like singing songs with my teacher. (Bonnie)
  14. I like the big trim trail. (Poppy)
  15. I can play different sports. (Tom)
  16. I like having friends and someone to play with, so I don’t get lonely. (Ted)

Parent’s thoughts:

  1. A lovely school, brilliant teachers and we couldn’t be happier.
  2. We all feel part of a big family.
  3. The children play together really well and mix across classes.
  4. The settings and surroundings of the school are special.
  5. A new parent commented; I have been really well supported by the staff and other parents.

Staff’s thoughts:

  1. Our family and warm approach – inclusion of all.
  2. Our distincitve Christian ethos.
  3. The whole school yearning for learning – we have a passion for learning and developing excitement and curiousity.
  4. I am happy in my role and feel well supported by colleagues.
  5. Our small and open team.

In our yearly questionnaire we ask children “What are you most pleased/proud of learning this year?” Here are some of their answers:

Reading, drawing a portrait of the queen, going to the toilet by self, writing my name, learning how to read, learning how to do numbers, finishing my speech therapy, learning about the whole world, getting 4 certificates in one day, my writing, telling the time, growing a plant, Victorian Day, making a father’s day card, drawing and art, learning how to draw maps, being a big star in the nativity, making an Australian picture, learning about all the countries.

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