About Our School

Witley C of E Infant School is located in the village of Witley, near Godalming, Surrey. It was established in 1836 as the only school in the entire parish. It benefits from having a beautiful and historic main building, which is both impressive and full of character. The school is officially described as a Church of England Voluntary Controlled School. This means that it is a church school, which is ‘controlled’ in terms of the funding by the Local Education Authority. This differs from a Church Aided School, which is funded by the Diocese.

The building consists of four classrooms, a shared learning resource area, administration office and number of small meeting/group rooms. All classes are very well resourced with appropriate equipment. Responsibility for the day-to-day running of the school lies with the Headteacher and Governors. The Governing Body is made up of representatives from the Diocese, Parish, County Council, parents and staff. The school has a clear Christian ethos and fosters links with the local church and wider community. Our Headteacher has been in post since September 2011.
There are a number of grassed and hard play areas around the school. We also have the additional resource of an outdoor area for Environmental and Science work. The main playground is also enhanced with permanent large wooden play facilities such as a house, boat and adventure trail.

In 2002 we saw the building of a new fully equipped hall, located at the top of the school site. This is used daily for assemblies, physical education and lunches. It also has a further group teaching facility and kitchen, where we cook fresh and nutritious meals.

At Witley C of E Infant School we cater for children aged four to seven (this is known as Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1). Pupils are enrolled to start school at 4+. At the age of seven, children transfer to local junior schools to continue their education in Key Stage 2. During the summer term 2005, building work started to remove a temporary classroom and replace it with a new Early Years Classroom and play area linked to the main building. The office was also relocated and provision made for a staff room. In the summer of 2015 a lease was agreed for the use of a vacant building adjoining the school, giving much needed additional space incorporating an additional classroom and a number of small meeting/group rooms.

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